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Are you looking for some company in the saddle but worried that bike clubs are elitist, hardcore and only for the superfit and crazily dedicated? Well, we've all been there - which is why we set up VC Glasgow South in 2008.

VCGS, aka the Lime Green Machine (for obvious reasons), is the friendly face of Scottish cycling.

Come along for a Sunday run and meet the guys. We set off from Eaglesham Cross (click here for a map) at 9:00am every Sunday morning and typically ride for 3 or 4 hours. It's very relaxed and informal. In fact, there are only two rules:

1) We average around 15mph for about 40-50 miles - Remember cycling in a group is faster (and more fun) than on your own.
2) We always - always - have a café stop for cake, coffee and banter

If If you're brand new and unsure about the distance or average speed then come along to the shorter 10am Sunday bunch- The 10am ride is only 2-3 hours and normally very relaxed. For any further information, just send us an email.

Hope to see you some Sunday soon.

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